Infographic: the Ten Commandments of internal linking

Wooohoo! My first infographic! (I am not a native english speaker, so please leave a comment if I totally flunked it :))

What is it about?
Last month, I spoke at OMCap in Berlin about internal linking and realized that everybody has his own ratios and metrics when it comes to internal linking. So I tried to explain my personal „Ten Commandments“. There are not set in stone so I am looking for your comments and critics about it.

The Ten Commandments of internal linking

if you like to use the graphic, just take this embed code:
<img src=““ alt=“The Ten Commandments of internal linking“ width=“570″ height=“800″ /></br>created by <a href=““ target=“_blank“>Astrid Jacobi</a>

Author: Astrid Kramer

4 Kommentare

  1. Beautiful! :-)

    Great work, Astrid!

  2. Great tips and the fact that you should use more than 3-5 different anchortexts to one linktarget was new to me.

    Thanks for that!

    Cheers and best regards,


  3. Hi Chris,

    thanks! But: you should NOT use more than 3-5 different anchortexts to one linktarget – if possible :)

  4. Hi Astrid,
    Well done great article there are a few points I would argue about with what you said (nothing was incorrect) and as you said the rules are not set in stone.
    Your English was great and easy to read I am an Englishman so can comment on it.:-)
    Its great to see someone young and with fresh ideas getting into the internet marketing world.

    I see you mentioned Googles youtube search tool,there is a better one about which I use and that is TUBE EQUALIZER naturally you have to pay for it but it speeds up the whole process and works here in Germany perfectly.

    I’d love to have a one on one chat with you sometime if you drop me a mail on the above email address I can give you my skype name or phone number.

    Its no problem for me if you write in German if that is easier for you.

    Wishing you all the best PeterB

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