Recap: Pubcon Paradise – Honolulu 2012

Pubcon Paradise Honolulu 2012

Pubcon Paradise Honolulu 2012

Finally, here it is: my recap of pubcon paradise 2012. Sorry for being late, I had to lay at the beaches of Kailua, Maui and the North Shore for the last 2 weeks, so I couldn’t write down my thoughts about the first pubcon at the aloha state – sorry for that! :)

German attendees at pubcon paradise 2012 - photo by @autoschieber

German attendees at pubcon paradise 2012 - photo by @autoschieber

And also sorry for the english – I was one of the german attendees flying 18 hours over two seas to experience the pubcon paradise – and it was not a bad idea :) Of course, if you find any mistakes in this recap – it’s the language issue. I am an outstanding smart girl :)

Okay, let’s start!
The first thing that comes in my mind when I think about pubcon is the big difference between american and german conferences.
I have never been in the states before, so it was my premiere and I had to notice two differences:
1. Germans are obsessed with hard facts, Americans can inspire
2. German conferences tend to announce online marketing professionals, american conferences announce everybody in marketing

I think, a lot of german speakers are afraid of speaking generally and free. They tend to underpin every message with data and hesitate to express their own opinion. That has advantages: as a professional, you can take away a lot of concrete measures and operative suggestions. The disadvantage: it can be boring. „Normal“ marketing people don’t understand what you are talking about (and they don’t care, because their job is strategical, not operative) and you miss the chance to inspire and entertain your audience the way Scott Stratten did it!

Before I start my hymn of praise, let’s take a look at some of the tweets during Scott’s keynote:

Keynote: Scott Stratten | Pubcon Paradise 2012

Keynote: Scott Stratten | Pubcon Paradise 2012

One of the biggest takeaways for me was Scott’s message: everything and everybody can be awesome! There is no excuse for not being awesome instead! :)

You think, your product is boring? You say: I am just a callcentre agent, what can I do?
Scott told the history of a callcentre agent working for a pizza delivery service. This service offered the opportunity to express wishes directly via comments. One (I have to say: very funny – or very stoned :D) guy asked for putting the image of an unicorn at the top of every pizza box. An unicorn, fighting a dwarf with a sword (or something equal to that :)).

This guy received an answer by a callcentre agent who expressed his personal regrets about the technical restrictions that prevent the realization of this customer requirement. Instead, the callcentre agent himself painted an unicorn fighting a dwarf with a sword and send this picture to his likeable customer. Just AWESOME!

Scott Stratten: The Problem With QR Codes

Okay, I fell so in love with Scott’s keynote that I skipped the first day’s keynote by Terry Jones and that’s not okay. Terry did a great job describing the virtual company of his son – for me, the conference started with goosebump :)

Terry Jones: Technique Follows Technology

The Speakers I want to mention additionally because they did a great job (you SHOULD follow them!):
Michael Gray (faster than light) >>>
Aaron Shear >>>
Kate Morris >>>
Brett Tabke >>>
Laura Lippay >>>
Michael Bonfils >>>
Eric Enge >>>
David Wallace >>>
Todd Malicoat >>>

And last but not least, my personal proposals for improvement to pubcon:
1. There has to be coffee everytime. Everytime. Please! :) Besides, I loved your answer: „Coffee? Oh, we had some yesterday!“ :D
2. The food was… the food was… well. The food was.
But nevertheless: mahalo for this event, it was a blast!

Waikiki by night | Pubcon Paradise 2012

Waikiki by night | Pubcon Paradise 2012

Thanks to the biggest jetlag I ever had I was very early awake but now it’s time to go to the office, so thanks for reading this! I hope, I could make myself understandable :) See you!

You want to use the picture of this post? You can find it here. (760 x 570 px) A backlink to this post would be great :) Thanks!

PS: I found the picture of the unicorn here:

It was a bear, not a dwarf. Boxing gloves, no sword. As I said: jetlag… :)

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Author: Astrid Kramer

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  1. Yo, exakt so ging es mir bei meiner ersten PubCon hinsichtlich der Wahrnehmung der Unterschiede – dir ist es gelungen, das ganze „amerikanischer“ auszudrücken, Kompliment!

  2. Thanks so much for coming over Astrid!

    > big difference between american and german conferences.

    very very interesting comments. Thought provoking.

    > There has to be coffee everytime.

    Ya, at about $7 a cup – compare that to gas ;-)

    > “Coffee? Oh, we had some yesterday!” :D

    No, I said we had it in the morning before we started and at the training. We didn’t keep if flowing all day long.


  3. Hey Brett,

    thanks for your comment! And sorry about the coffee-thing, it wasn’t meant totally seriously :)
    And it’s true: I didn’t take into account how expensive food is on the hawaiian islands – that’s definitely a challenge for organizers…
    However, I’ll come back :) I guess, next time: Las Vegas!

    Greetings, Astrid

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