SEOktoberfest – now seriously

Okay. Two days back in „normal life“, I can only say that this was the greatest, inspiring, most amazing, brainfucking event I’ve ever been.
First of all: the experts were really cool. Intelligent and creative people who cared about the problems and questions of the attendees. So I can only recommend every interested person to spend these 5000 bucks – it’ll pay back, that’s for sure!

My personal milestones:

„Matt walks funny.“
„In Bavaria, we shoot eagles.“
„When I was sixteen, I founded“

„I know Marc Wahlberg.“
„Oh, I loved him in Boogie Nights!“
„Nerd in Skirt, it wasn’t his own dick.“
„Well, I LOVED him in Boogie Nights.“

I really, really, really loved it! (The event. I don’t talk about Marc anymore.)

And here are the people who already blogged about it:

Pictures will come soon. I’m a little bit afraid of them…
P.S.: A special thanks to Phillip who did a great job organizing this unforgettable, knocking-out madness.

Author: Astrid Kramer

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